Great Opportunity for: Nurses in Europe

Great Opportunity for: Nurses to Study in Europe  

*Top-Up in Nursing *

*Low tuition fee: 3000Euros only

*Duration: 1 year   

* No need for IELTS

*Employment in Europe*


**The purpose of this programme is to offer registered nurses the opportunity to expand their knowledge on Nursing by specialising in caring for the elderly.

**This programme is designed to address the high demands of the labour market in Nursing providing nurses with an extra qualification which broadens their job opportunities. For these reasons, the programme is designed in a way that these purposes and objectives are achieved.

**Specifically, 50% of the programme is spent on lectures, where students acquire knowledge on the theoretical part of Adult Nursing, and 50% on clinical hours, where students apply the knowledge acquired previously and practise in a simulation lab/hospital.

**Specifically, some of the teaching takes place in a simulation lab at the Hospital before practising in the clinical setting under the supervision of experienced nurses. In this way, nurses/students of the Certificate in Adult Nursing are ready to enter the workplace as soon as they successfully complete the programme.



**The Certificate in Adult Nursing is a one-year degree programme designed to prepare students to be responsible members of the society and productive participants in the Health Care management sector, concentrating on Adult Nursing.

**At a time of fundamental health care reform and in the face of increasingly complex health problems and a globally aging population, nurses are in high demand.

They need, however, to be re-educated and trained to meet the challenges posed with new emphasis on health promotion, disease prevention, gerontological psychology/physiology and pain management.

**The Certificate in Adult Nursing programme aims to function efficiently and effectively in any general health care setting such as hospitals, community, and assisted living (nursing homes) in a multicultural society.


****Admission Requirements

*For the Certificate in Adult Nursing students must possess

*an accredited bachelor’s degree in Nursing

*or any other healthcare relevant qualification.

*Registered nurses are eligible to enroll in the programme.


Admission to the College is possible at the beginning of any semester and it is granted depending on students’ qualifications.


**Duration: 1-year certificate

**No need for IELTS

**Discounted fees of 3000 Euros


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