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FAQ for UK

Three to six months is ideal to accommodate admission processing, securing documents you may not have like transcripts, references etc. That does not mean you cannot achieve all just a month to start date but it does mean the actual course you wanted at a particular University is already closed, therefore you may settle for another, or you cannot go to the actual University you had wanted and have to settle for another one. So, if you want to tick all the boxes as far as your desires are concerned start early.
For undergraduate courses: five credits (excluding languages like Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba) but including English and Mathematics will qualify you for a foundation which means you can study over a period of four years. A few colleges have what you call Year1 degrees which are essentially teaching both the foundation and yr1 of a University within a year. These are suitable for more mature students and those with stronger grades. Some are happy to go ahead from age 17 as long as grades are very-very good. For three year degrees, you will need in addition to WAEC/NECO good grades at Advanced levels in three subjects or OND with very strong passes or first year of a Nigerian University. You can also use a degree foundation certificate but DFP are on a case-by-case basis. Some HNDs are qualified for entry into Yr2 or Yr3 depending on level of passes. For Postgraduate courses, you will need a very good second class lower. Many courses require upper class while some prestigious Universities will require no less than upper second class. However, those with 3rd class or HND can go for a Top-Up degree course.
These are courses designed for holders of HND or sometimes third class degree to enable them upgrade from HND to Bachelor’s degree or remedy a poor grade at first attempt. In most cases a University may be unwilling to allow you repeat same degree as you cannot do a degree twice. If you have BSc Computer Science third class you are unlikely going to be able to get admitted into BSc Computer Science but in some cases you might secure admission into BSc Networking or Data Security, Web Technology or even Business Information Systems. Many schools are flexible enough to allow HND/BSc 3rd class into certain courses they call conversion courses like Marketing, Business Studies, even if they are not from business background; these are packaged in such a way that most of the modules are covered intensely within the duration of the top-up. HND have no problem with continuation of their previous course; HND Computer Science can do BSc Computer Science since it shows progression.
Foundation: 1year, Degree: 3years, Top-Up degree: 1year, Pre-master’s: 3-6months, Master’s degree: 1year (a few allow extra time for thesis), MRes: 1yr or 1.5years, M’ Phil: 2years, PhD: 3 or 4years.
Yes you can, but you need to be sure before applying. Most scholarships are done within the admission while others request that you already have offer on a select list of courses. Most University scholarships may not be enough to pay full fees as some are just a discount towards tuition fees. Most scholarships are for postgraduate studies than for undergraduate. There are scholarships that individual students can look at from local councils, state governments as well as agencies of federal government. You can check with some international agencies like the British Council, We also have a few partial scholarships entirely need and merit based.
Yes you can on TIER4 Visa for 20hrs a week during term and full time during your breaks
It takes between 24Hrs and 1 Week for many UK Universities. Usually allow up to 1 month for processing but most Universities are improving on their processing times. Application for PhD takes a longer period due to the requirement of supervisors, as well as other checks undertaken by the department.
Some courses require ATAS certificate while others may require detailed medical test before student can progress but most unconditional offers will be good enough to be used for necessary progression
Quickly start making efforts towards meeting the conditions on your offer especially if they are academic, but if payment, please go ahead and advance your payment. Should your offer carry both academic and payment conditions please do not pay until the offer is academically unconditional
You are now eligible for a CAS (Certificate of Acceptance for the Purpose of Studies). Most schools will send a draft which must be corrected before final CAS
usually it is balance of whatever you have not paid to school and require that you should be guided to avoid Visa refusal. Please mail us for guidance ( ) or talk to your counsellor
exchange rates fluctuates so please ask us and we will guide you
Schools are now your sponsor but you must show that you have required funds in your own account or your parents account. Ask us for guidance
This will vary depending on your circumstance so ask us for details and we can send you detailed and updated UKVI guidance notes
Please let us know the circumstance so you don’t get refused. Many schools do not refund deposit if your previous refusal was based on fraudulent documentation. Always be guided, don’t be in hurry, use only legitimate documents and avoid fraud.
Ensure you do not pay touts to get documents for you. You are better telling consular officer reason why you do not have a document than getting a fake one. Please ask us for guidance on what alternatives you may have if you do not have certain documents.
You can reapply, or you can seek administrative review or go to full trial. In any case please ask us, but ensure your supporting documents for Visa application are entirely genuine.


It depends on your readiness and what you hope to achieve. If you are a scholarship hunting student start a year in advance but no later than six months. Usually for all other categories three to six months might be enough.
The application process to the USA is different to countries like, UK and have processes that waits for the outcome of others to commence and some of the last bit are with the government and not controlled by the University. Many USA schools will require SAT/TOEFL test for undergraduate courses and GRE/TOEFL or GMAT/TOEFL for graduate courses. You may want to study over a period of a month or even attend tutorials before attempting these test so that adds to entire time. After submission of application, usually on-line, you need to send paper documents, and also request certain documents sent directly to the school which adds to timing: transcripts, references. You also need to do affidavit of finances to ascertain your readiness to study in the USA. You will also need to pay application fees without which most schools will not look at your file. If all is fine you then receive an I-20. To understand the procedure please do not hesitate to contact us or ask your counsellor
Yes we assist entirely including test registration and tutorials
You can use this as allowed up-loadable documents but the school will still expect full official documents sent directly from your University or college, unopened and marked “CONFIDENTIAL”
A transcript for a school leaver is like a list of each subject you took and grades tabulated JSSI: Term I, II and III; then JSSII: Term I, II, and III up to SSI and SSII. SSIII will be term I and II only while the WAEC/NECO is usually the term III.
Yes you can apply for advanced standing or credit transfer. We must warn that due to disparity in grading systems, you may need to use evaluation service to maximise transferable credits
Yes, you can and should use evaluation service like above
There are some Universities and Colleges who will waive these test, we also have more schools recently allowing international students into a University Preparation Program (UPP) for both undergraduate and graduate studies. It means you need to write these test before you enrol. Those looking for scholarships should do these test as most scholarships will require them. TOEFL is used for admission and not necessarily scholarships.
Most schools have published score ranges they accept and if you do not measure up, you can seek admission into a school that require less or redo the test
for a college diploma you will spend two years which can lead to two more years in the University or University college to obtain a BS degree. Most graduate courses are for 1.5yrs except for PhDs that last longer
Yes, you can; taking extra unit per semester, enrolling for summer semester can help shorten the length of time on the course. It means you spend more time per year studying and not that you take lesser units.
Yes, USA have some of the most liberal administration of scholarships and most students do get some assistance if they require it and have met qualifications set for them. Most are merit based and for most that are need based require in a number of schools that you are already enrolled as an international student especially those whose values are much.
Some will insist you pay while some will not make it mandatory.
Not necessarily, it may help but consular officers look at a number of things which may have nothing to do with your financial circumstance. If a school does not require fee payment, they will issue you an I-20 while those who require it will not issue until you have paid, it will help, if you talk to your counsellor or
You should after this secure your I-94 from DHS
Yes we can although most clients are able to do this on their own but we can assist Email


You can apply by downloading appropriate application, fill, attach documents and send to us: